BEng(Hons) (Robotics & Mechatronics), PhD (Swinburne)



Computer Vision | Parallel Programming | Robotics | Mechatronics

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Research & Development Executive

  • Research activity management

Senior Research Engineer

  • FootfallCam
    • Project managing a group of three, assisted with Git.
    • Core C++ counting program consisting computer vision algorithm (OpenCV, PCL, Kalman Filter), database interaction, socket programming, etc. developed for Linux environment.
    • Also produces production related support software (camera calibration, verification tools, offline simulator), and electronics circuits debugging.
  • Magic Mirror
    • Backend computer vision algorithm development using C++.
    • Module to be integrated into existing core engine built with C#.

R&D Engineer

  • “Wire-Bond” and “Mark & Lead” AOI machine backend computer vision algorithm development.
  • First-hand testing and evaluation upon new instrument introduction.
  • Internal technical support on system integration. (software, electronics, instruments, etc.)

Research Associate

  • Linux ONVIF Network Video Recorder (NVR) system for 100 IP camera simultaneous streams.
  • Project development team lead and facilitates in the guidance of two master research students.

Project-based Research Assistant

  • Tagless Indoor Positioning and Object Tracking using a Wireless Sensor Network
    • An experimental research to realise subject tracking (i.e. human) using existing wireless router/modem signal strength monitoring.
    • C++ realisation using GTKmm.

Research Officer

  • CUDA hardware accelerated watermarking scheme for digital mammogram image
    • C++/C realisation of a watermarking technique for hiding patient information into digital mammogram images using GPGPU (CUDA).
    • GUI done in using VB.NET.
    • Supported by the Malaysian Government’s MOSTI ScienceFund 01-02-14-SF0005.


  • Workforce management and first-line quality control
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Programming/Scripting languages

C, C++, CUDA, Assembly, Latex


Windows, GNU/Linux (Debian, CentOS)


OpenCV, PointCloud-Library, MATLAB, Mathematica, GTKmm, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Git, make, valgrind, gdb


Digital electronics circuit design

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Ph.D. by research in engineering

Swinburne University of Technology

Mathematical Modelling and Applications of Spherical Catadioptric Omnidirectional View Sensors

The research investigates the practical usability of spherical catadioptric omnidirectional view sensors (COVS) in the field of robotics. There are four themes covered in the overall research effort — A mathematical modelling of a closed-form mapping solution, a development of a spherical COVS view conversion technique, a development of a high speed parallel execution of the said technique, and a design of a novel image feature descriptor for COVS. The research work was partially funded by the MOHE Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS/2/2010/TK/SWIN/03/02).

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Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

Swinburne University of Technology

  • First Class Honour
  • CGPA: 3.98/4.0
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